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Using inbound SIP UUID in VXML


I’m just starting researching whether or not I can pass the carrier’s SIP UUID all the way “in.”

Meaning: Carrier SIP UUID -> CUBE -> CVP->VXML

The reason is that the sending system is holding some data that I need to grab via a  web service.

The remote system is able to see the carrier UUID and is using that as a key for the data.

In old school terms, what is being asked for is essentially a SIP-based transfer connect using the UUID.

Questions I’m currently looking at:

1. How to configure CUBE/CVP to pass the external UUID  into CVP.

2. API to access the SIP data from in the VXML app, if needed.

Has anyone done this before?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You can access the variable CallData.UUI in call studio to access the UUI, CVP passes the UUI to browser which then sends it to VXML Server.

Thanks for the reply!

What I'm trying to get at is the *external* UUI - the one the carrier sends in as the identifier towards CUBE. I'm aware of the CallData.UUI but have a concern that the value in that field may be an "internal" UUI and not the outside UUI.

This link has some details on the external vs internal:

And specifically references:

"If all the user agents associated with CUBE support session-id, then CUBE allows pass-through of the Session ID header in all SIP request and response messages for the session."

My CUBE skills are arguably rusty as I spend much more time on the VXML side of the equation these days.

Is there any specific configuration that works/doesn't work/isn't (well) documented/etc. in order to achieve this?

Or are there some common things that can get in the way of supporting session-id? (CUBE versions, specific devices, etc.)

Much appreciate the input.

The session identifier is supported in CVP 11.6 and CVP will pass it to all the outgoing SIP messages, however to satisfy your requirement the Voice Browser need to handle the session id and pass it to VXML Server so that you could get it accessible through your Studio application.

I am not sure about the VXML Gateway behaviour for this, its not implemented in VVB yet.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You can use a custom element from your Studio app to access SIP header info.  There are variants for IOS VB and VVB here that may help you.

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