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SocialMiner Chat form: what is the Carriage Return symbol used?


Hi folks,

we are currently deploying an AI bot integrated with socialminer chat (

The issue we are facing Is that In “Description” field we would like send those info (in the same format):

“Request 1

Request 2”

To achieve this we are using this script format: “Request 1% Request 2” where “1%” is our carriage return symbol but it gives us an error.

So my question is: What carriage return should we be using in SocialMiner Chat form?




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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I'm not sure we've ever tried doing this.

Also, where do you expect the "description" to render in multi-line format? Is it the agent desktop (multi-session chat gadget), or elsewhere?

I'm not sure if it will work, but you can try using "%0D%0A" where "%0D" represents "carriage return" and "%0A" represents "line feed" (in URL encoded format).



Hi Nagendra,

Thanks, we will try and keep you posted.

Our idea is to push the initial interaction between customer and BOT into a chat form ("Description" field) for a ccx agent to have the initial history.



Hi Mahesh

We have tried this and but ddnt work



Hi Sasith,

When you say you tried it and it did not work, where do you expect to see this "description" in multiple lines?

Is it the non-voice control gadget on Finesse Desktop? Or somewhere else?


Nagendra U M

Hi Mahesh

Thanks for respond, please see attached picture, Its not from the Finesse, We are using a Web page integration, I believe attched picture will help you to understand

Also error message is attached too smerror.JPG


Hello Mahesh,

Do you have any other advice to achieve this ?

The idea is to provide the history/context of an interaction between a client and a BOT to a UCCX Chat agent. Any advice ?


Hi Sasith/Hugo,

A typical integration for self help (before the chat is handed over to agent), is to interface with the Bot Engine when end consumer submits a form (like you show, and which is integrated into the website). Only if during the interaction with the Bot Engine, it decides that a human agent needs to get involved, you create a contact and inject into SocialMiner (for routing to an agent). During the creation of the contact, various values can be sent over (as fields in the contact object).

The screen shots you attached does not exactly indicate when you get the HTTP 400 (invalid request) error.

If you are getting it right when you submit the form to the Bot Engine, then SocialMiner is not in the picture yet.

If the Bot Engine is not recognizing the request because of the "%0D%0A" then you need to find out what the Bot Engine will honor.

Besides, this issue is separate from the initial query we had as to "where you intend to see the multiline description".

More details about the problem will help us debug the issue if it is in the path of integrating with SocialMiner.



Thanks for your answer.

The form that was attached previously is actually the one to be used by the bot engine to trigger the uccx agent (form will be used automatically in the background, seamlessly for the customer).

The goal is to send the initial chat exchange between the bot engine and customer via "details" field, passing the carriage return in order for the agent to have a better view of the initial exchange.


Customer -> chat request -> bot engine answer-> interaction between customer and bot -> bot stucked -> automatic filling of the socialminer chat form with chat exchange  (with carriage return) in " details " field -> client chats with Agent who has the history/context of the chat.

If you have any other best practices let us know.


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