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VVB in cvp ops man

Level 6
Level 6

We currently have a 6x number of vvb located in remote locations and 2x vvb in our DC's  installed by our SI before I joined  I'm now adding  a vvb in a different location but when I look in ops man I can only see the 2x DC vvb's- why would that be? I thought you had to install/register each VVB in ops man so I thought I would see 8x vvb.


I have not logged on to local vvb yet to confirm if they are being used. Should I use show vvb call active voice summary to prove they are being used 


Any ideas 


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By default without CVP route VVB cannot process any request please check the below

Check Dialed Number Pattern for Network VRU bootstrap Label in OAMP and VVB SIP Server Group or IP Address.

If you have CUSP check the VVB server group and elements.

For verification we can check in two way .

1. VVB -- show vvb call active voice summary
2. CVP call server logs check VRU label with VXML browser IP -- Contact: <sip:77777777775078@;transport=tcp>
Sending Message (NB): ACK sip:77777777775087@;transport=tcp SIP/2.0

Hi, thanks for your reply, I'm aware that it needs dnp for routing which each one has  but my question was the lack of vvb's in the vvb configuration page of ops manager - only 2 of the 6 were "configured" on the page. Should not all of the vvb be on the page, why only 2

Where are your CVP servers located? Are all of them in the one OAMP?

Also, and this may be unlikely but still possible, are you sure that only one OAMP is in use?

Hi bill


Yes, we have a single ops man in a DC. We have 2x vvb,2 x cvp 2x vxml co-located in the DC as well with 6x remote vvb in our international offices 

Further  Each remote vvb has ite own dial route pattern in dnp with sip route grps pointing to them. I would have thought that for every vvb, therr would be a vvb in device management section of ops man? 

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