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WFM for UCCX 8.0



I installed CUCM 8.0, UCCX 8.0(2) and Workforce Management 8.3(4).

And I have some questions in ACD Connection Step, because I didn't find any documentation about integration WFM with UCCX 8.0. (I found documentation only for windows ccx releases)

IP address of CUCM is, UCCX – and hostname is "ccx".

So i entered next values to the ACD Connection Step table:

Select ACD Platform – CCX 8.0+

Instance name – ccx_uccx

Primary IP Address –

Database Name – db_cra

User name - uccxhruser

Password – ‘from CCX Password Management ’

CTI Servers – port – 42027

But I have no any records in Agents -> Agents tab on WFM web-page.

There are no errors in ooCollector.log file.

I have the next errors in SyncServer0001.log file:

2011-04-05 17:55:17:296 ERROR STD2001 Client <Workforce Management Sync Service> failed to connect to any service.

I have the next errors in AcmiServer0001.log file:

2011-04-05 17:54:22:484 INFO ACMI0000 Using ACMI protocol version <14>.

2011-04-05 17:54:22:484 INFO WFMAS0006 Is for UCCX <true>.

2011-04-05 17:54:22:484 INFO ACMI0004 Is UCCX <true>.

2011-04-05 17:54:22:484 ERROR WFMAS2000 Internal error: An unexpected error occurred while running Acmi service.

2011-04-05 17:54:22:484 INFO WFMAS0005 Successfully connected to CalabrioCiscoComMFC socket service at localhost.

2011-04-05 17:54:22:484 INFO WFMAS0001 Acmi service has started.

2011-04-05 17:54:22:515 ERROR STD2001 Client <Acmi Service> failed to connect to any service.

2011-04-05 17:54:22:515 WARN WFMAS3001 Cannot connect to CTI service: Unable to connect to host <> port <42027>.: Connection timeout.: Connection timeout..

2011-04-05 17:54:22:546 ERROR STD2001 Client <Acmi Service> failed to connect to any service.

Thank you!

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The only thing that stands out at me is the database port should be 1504. You may want to doublecheck the DNS hostname by doing a 'show status' command from the CLI. The first row returned will be the hostname. This is important because the Informix instance name (i.e. servername_uccx) is based off of this.


Hi Andrei,

Use port 12028 for you CTI connections, this should take care of the following error you are seeing in your sync log.

Cannot connect to CTI service: Unable to connect to host <> port <42027>.:

The CTI port is documented in the UCCX port utilization guide.


Thanks a lot!

I entered port 12028 to CTI Servers tab, and all records appears.

Are you sure you put (CUCM) and not the UCCX IP in the CTI server? It should be the UCCX IP there.

Otherwise you'll get:

2011-05-04 17:24:44:094 ERROR STD2001 Client failed to connect to any service.



Sorry! Of course it is UCCX

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