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Hello, We have a Cisco SBC router to make and receive telephone calls.SBC is running load "isr4300-universalk9.16.06.07.SPA.bin". I want to run IOS command, 'show call active voice compact'  using python3 program off the box. I have researched the li...

I'm trying to implement secret strings in order to avoid plain text passwords in my yaml files.All pyats documentation points me to make changes to the "pyats.conf" file. However, I cannot find such a file.Any idea where this could be? I've used ever...

Resolved! Creating IP Pools

Hi all,I see from the API docs for DNAC how you would create a global IP pool.But how do you create/reserve a 'child' IP pool lower down in the hierarchy?I need to create about 50-100 IP pools. Not a huge number but I would prefer to read a file and ...

matty-boy by Beginner
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Hi gurus,I recently started to learn ansible for network automation. I run into a few questions that I can't find answers with my google skills...1. How to list all the installed modules? "ansible-doc -l" lists everything available ansible offers I t...

Difan Zhao by Contributor
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Hi,    I have a SDA fabric with 2 BRs and 2 Edges. In order to simulate SDA device provisioning flow for Customer,  decided to delete Edge 2 from fabric, then re-provision back to fabric following the DNAC User guide.   To delete Edge 2, we  1. Remo...

Lab Topo.png Remove from Fabric.png Edge Config clean up.png Device Discovery.png
kara by Cisco Employee
  • 5 replies
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ZTP libraries mentioned in cisco learning labs in utilises 64 bit OS . Need help in running python scripts on 32 bit IOS XR . Is there any documentation for ZTP on iOS xr 32 bit.

noc mcc by Beginner
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Hi,Like to know is there an API for Meraki that allows me to pull the Power Source of an access point? Currently in the GUI dashboard, there is a "Power" field that say "AC adapter" or "POE 802.3au". Is there an equivalent for that in the API?

choywy by Beginner
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