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Hi,   In DNA Spaces REST API, there is a GET operation, inside which there are some parameters for which I am searching for interpretation. Please if you can provide some help about the them it would be highly appreciated.   For GET history/clients w...

Hello all.I've been using Python for a couple of repetitive tasks but I'm still stuck on how to get into Web GUI only devices for e.g. Cisco SG200 line. I've been looking at using some web scraping utilities in order to do it all in Python but I'm no...

WGL_BK by Beginner
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Hi All, Apologies if this is the incorrect forum, I couldn't really find anything more suitable. We are starting to test configuration of of 9300 switches using RESTCONF. In the reports of the ISE TACACs server I can see the logs for Authentication a...

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is an endpoint-based network access and policy enforcement solution. The ExtraHop Cisco ISE integration enables you to combine ExtraHop anomaly detection with ISE Adaptive Network Control (ANC) to dynamically quar...

Arely by Beginner
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We have a Cisco DNA appliance deployed for management purposes only. We have successfully added all the Cisco devices to DNA for management but we also have a few HP switches that we want to monitor using Cisco DNA. Using the SDK tool has anyone succ...

Wilhelmgro by Beginner
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I am kind of confused here about API names.I see references in various places on the internet about a DNA "Assurance API" and I do see some endpoints named ".../assurance/...", like:* /api/assurance/v1/siteHierarchy* /api/assurance/v1/host/They even ...

pauloroque by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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I am trying to create a simple "show run"/"show tech" ansible playbook and when i run it the output to the file is truncated. So I am not getting the whole config in the txt file. What is the trick to fixing this? Is it a terminal line issue or a pag...

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