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I am currently running PI 3.1.7 (update 01) and I am wondering what version should I upgrade to?  I have been in the 3.1.X Train for a very long time and I don't really know what features/fixs have been introduced at what version. Why has Cisco gone ...

Hello Experts,I have a question from a DevNet user/customer on an open Ticket #2504.  Customer is using Prime Infrastructure 3.2.  Customer asks:Around 5000 APs I have on a project and it needs to be configured ASAP. That's what every customer wants,...

matfarre by Level 6
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I need to instantiate an optical device (switch or router) in GNS3 that supports Netconf, Openflow and import of new Yang models.Could someone help me by quoting some device that does this by default?If it does not exist, could someone direct me to a...

I have a user where their TACACS accounts is unable to login to the Cisco Prime server after they run our Java client that connects to Cisco Prime using the HTTP REST API calls.The user showed us that he could login with the TACACS account to the Cis...

ed_rs by Level 1
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Hi,in order to easily export a list of all devices/modules within a network containing the product ID and serial number we have the option to leverage the reports available within Prime Infrastructure. However sometimes it is easier to just go throug...