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Cisco Prime SSO Setup with SAMLHello World.  Looking to setup first SSO connection within Prime.Our SSO environment uses SAML.   I see very limited options within Prime. Add SSO servers - IP - DNSI've tried both IP / DNS of our dev SSO servers and w...

chadrife1 by Level 1
  • 1 replies
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Hello expert:   from dnac api 1.1 version,it change the authertication model.    APIC-EM API authertication step  1) send get login request and get a token.  2) all other api want be invoked must using token  3) close the session  but now DNAC api   ...

daxu2 by Cisco Employee
  • 10 replies
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Hello expertI writing sample script  using SWIM API.Authentication succeeded. DNAC failed to receive JSON file.Does DNAC need something special? Could you give me advice.DANC 1.1 (appliances)-----------------------------------------------------------...

Hi everyone, I try to integerate Openstack that build with packstack (Centos) with OpenDayLight.this is my topology     Openstack Controller : &     - eth1 :     - eth0 :     Openstack Co...

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