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During provisioning of a Cisco 1921 router it enters an error state:Received response from pnp agent for message correlatorId: CiscoPnP-1.0-19303-173-2BB9AB34 but with error code : ZTD_CMD_ERROR Response String: ERROR:PnP Service Error 3300:Certifica...

Is there a way to specify a remote server or switch for a new device to download the software image from instead of it always being downloaded from the APIC?  This would be similar to Remote Staging in LMS 4.2.As an example, a 3650/3850 IOS-XE image ...

thjonson by Cisco Employee
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I upgraded to the latest apic-em package ( and since then I cannot access the grapevine panel on port 14141.First, it fails with Chrome:apic-em01 normally uses encryption to protect your information. When Chrome tried to connect to apic-em01 ...

Dears,I am trying from Postman to make a request to the /network-device service but cannot get the list of devices as a response. Although I get a HTTP 200, the body response I get is: "{  "response": [],  "version": "1.0"}"I am using the Headers app...

bdoinea by Cisco Employee
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Hi All,I am developing an app for IP address management. I have the folowing error when I am trying to print out (or write to file) the IP address of a device.KeyError: 'ipv4Mask'It seems that only the parameters which are common for all the interfac...

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