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Welcome to the DevNet Sandbox community!
Please share and collaborate on any questions, comments, or ideas here.
If you have a technical issue, please click on the "Start a Conversation" button.
Leave details in the post, such as the name of the sandbox and details about the problem. Make sure to add a label with the type of problem you are having (such as Connectivity Issues and VPN, Sandbox Reservation Issues, Sandbox Specific Technical Issues, or Other Sandbox Issues).
If you are new to our development labs, you can develop, code & configure for free with the DevNet Sandboxes today.

Forum Posts

Hello,I've reserved a Meraki Enterprise sandbox and received this script error:'setup_meraki_ent' resource command on 'Meraki Ent 3' failed with 'Script runner exited with exit code: 1' errorAlso I didn't receive details regarding Meraki organization...

Mvalizia by Beginner
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Hello.I'm wondering if it is possible to run Cisco CML on a computer with an Intel processor that doesn't support vPro. Cisco CML webpage says it is a requirement to have "VTx, EPT, and vPro", but I cannot afford to purchase a laptop that supports vP...

Every time i try to reserve a sandbox i get an error saying i have a reservation already. this is my first time using this platform so there is no way this can be. I also tried registering with a different email and i running into the same issue. is ...

sx1673 by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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Dear friendsI have issue with downloading yang pkg from nxos always on sandboxI use yang suite and got 502 bad gateway errorhere is log of yangsuite docker :yangsuite_1 | [21/Aug/2022 13:50:49] WARNING [] Device ...

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but it seems like Download Lab option in Lab Manager only allows saving node's connections but node's config to external drives (e.g. my local hd drive) Saving configuration on nodes is something that DevNet tea...

kstatinet by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Hello:I have setup a sandbox environment for vxlan-evpn, and want to test with Ansible, but I could not make management interface working with bridge mode? nor I could ping the management interface from my laptop, default CML sandbox is working find,...

Hi TeamI made a reservation for Collaboration 12.5 sandbox lab, and I would like to do test calls and listen for call events using multiple soft phones.So can you please issue two additional accounts to test the same.and also we would like to extend ...

hi support ,                        the aci sim lab began from one hour , when i am connected via anyconnect vpn i cann't access sandox , when i disconnect , i can access but i couldn't access the apic via web , tried to access the shown ip 10.10.20....