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Good Day I have recently purchased a new iPhone and I had DuoMobile on my old iPhone . I removed the 2FA authentication app option on my Instagram and removed my account on the Duo App on my old iPhone before giving it away and uninstalling it . I wo...


When I receive a push request to approve a login on my Samsung S22 Ultra, the green (approve) and red (reject) buttons are not responsive. I can tap on them all I want, nothing happens. The only thing I can do is to open the DUO app information scree...

Jan6 by Level 1
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Hi all, I am having issues with Cisco Duo and Palo Alto Global Protect. Two-factor authentication for Palo Alto Global Protect Radius has been set-up and is working for a handful of users. The strange problem is that some users cannot authenticate p...

I have one of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 phones (I love it), and am curious about using the Cover Screen (the outside screen) to allow a login. I would be thrilled to unlock it with my finder print an allow the login without unfolding it. Right now i...

One of our suppliers wants to start using Duo as a 2FA into one of our environment. I’m currently in testing and shocked the only backup process on Android is Google Drive. Are there plans to enable OneDrive for Business down the road as an option fo...

slack1 by Level 1
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Hi, I am setting up the RDP Push application, and testing it out. However, I’ve noticed that the notification I receive when logging into the servers, just states “RDP:” and the name of the Application as it was created. I was hoping to see if there ...

menezesj by Level 1
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Hi. Just configured Bitwarden for Duo Push (create BW app in Duo portal, copy info over to BW Duo config page and enable with no errors). When trying to login and selecting the push option, I never get the push prompt in the Duo iOS app. I get other ...

thrivetp by Level 1
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Hi! A few days ago, I had to reset my Instagram password on the account that I use for my business. I had previously set up 2 Factor Authentication with the Duo Mobile app, but when I went to get the code from the app to be able to sign in to Instagr...

A couple months back my iPhone broken while I was on-call for production support. Our VPN only allows for Duo Push notifications, so I had to rush to the Apple store and have my phone repaired on the spot. Fast-forward a couple months and I noticed t...

nithin1 by Level 1
  • 3 replies
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Previously, my unlocked Apple Watch enabled me to authenticate in lieu of using the Duo Mobile app on my iPhone. Now I receive the following series of prompts from my Duo Mobile watch app: Are you logging in to [Corporate SSO] Continue / Dismiss Nex...

pm-user by Level 1
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