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7841-3PCC Auto Provision or Auto Registration from Config File

Hi All


Im trying to Auto Provision or Auto Register multiple 7841-3PCC phones using the attached config file. All the phones pick the same file to Auto Register, How do i name config so that each phone can download its config  file from the TFTP server.


I have named the file  7841-3PCC.xml . This is file that all the phones are downloading and auto registers. If i change the file name to 7841-3PCC0CD0F8F429C8.xml for the 2nd phone to Auto Register, it fails to download it.



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You have used 

<Extension_1_ ua="na">5555</Extension_1_>

This is not supported. It has to be a number between 1 to 4 i.e. number of lines on the phone.


So for a 7841 - 

<!-- available options: 1|2|3|4|Disabled -->


Please upgrade to the latest firmware for MPP - 11.2.3MPP.398 which is available on

After this you can go to http://ipaddress/admin/cfg.xml

Here you will see the available options for all tags and configure accordingly.



Hi Bijpraka,
Thanks for replying

I dont have any issue with the upgrade, the Challenge is that, Phone A Auto Registers with the config file 7841-3PCC.xml, i created another file 7841-3PCCXXX.xml for Phone B, it pulls the 7841-3PCC.xml config file for Phone A. How can i rename Config File for Phone B so that it can pull its own Config.



Did you change the tag values as mentioned in the previous reply? If yes, please send the modified xml.

I would need PRTs to see what exactly you are configuring on both phones. 


Are you performing a resync on phone B with 7841-3PCCXXX.xml instead of 7841-3PCC.xml?



Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
  1. You can keep separate files on the server for each phone and it can be named ANY_NAME_PHONE_MAC_ADDRESS_ANY_NAME.xml
  2. Replace PHONE_MAC_ADDRESS with the mac address of the phones.
  3. And on the phone set profile rule as http://serverip/ANY_NAME_$MAC_ANY_NAME.xml. $MAC is a macro and phone will replace it with its MAC address
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