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Hi Guys, My Customer is having problem with few calls (in alleatory extension or directory number) where the side on company the User don´t hear another side. Question: what logs is more recommended to collect then to analyze this issues?. I collecte...

wilsonsant by Level 6
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Hi,   We have CUCM 10.01 and Presense server with Jabber 12.1.  From normal desk phone there is no issue with outgoing calls. However when dialled from Jabber, the call disconnects after 4 rings if the other party didn't pick up the call. If they man...

Hello,   We have a UC560 environment that is not receiving any inbound calls. All attempts result in a busy signal. Outgoing calls are working fine.   When I run 'terminal monitor > debug isdn q931' I get the following.   004883: ISDN Se0/3/0:23 Q931...

CGreenJr by Level 1
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Hi, I'm looking to setup an IP Phone system in my home for the most part to learn the system. My setup would be 3 phones without passing data through to computers. Once comfortable managing the system I would then move it an office for my small busin...

Tac73 by Level 1
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Hi all,I have a CUCM 9.1 and an IM&Presence 9.1Everything worked fine, but suddenly I can't anymore synchronize the users from CUCM to CUP.On the CUP, in the CUCM Publisher settings page, the Sync Status says "AXL failure". But just under that, in th...

testspa by Level 1
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Hi teami have the following output . Appreciate your helpful replies. Router#show platform softwarelicense License U D I : U C 560-F X O-K 9 :Maximum User Licenses : 56Used User Licenses : 0 Available User Licenses : 56Base License : 24C S L Base Lic...

Hi all,   I have CUCM 8.6.2 and i create sip trunk with elastix system but the calls working in one direction from elastix to cucm but i have fast busy when i make calls from cucm to elastix system. i collect trace from CUCM using RTMT and i found yh...

Hi I have a CME with a SIP trunk and SIP phones (78XX). It seems the SIP phones send out register messages also to the SIP provider. How can we block these? I know for SCCP phones there is a command, but when I apply this command on the SIP phones th...

Hi all,   I'm not able to get my MTP registered in cucm, ive configured sccp /groups/dspfarm however no succes: Registration status in cucm (Unknown)   ===================================================================== SCCP Admin State: UPGateway ...

monasir by Level 1
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