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7900 phone delay when answering


I have this weird porblem that I am trying to resolve. I have a network setup on an EZVPN connection. 871 router, 3 vlans, 2 data, 1 voice, a CE500 switch, and an 1131 AP. I have a 7970 phone and a 7921 wireless phone. CE500 setup with the Cisco-Voice vlan 2, data 3 and 4. Data is fine, Wireless phone is fine, but the 7970 phone has a delay when I answer, and sometimes when I dial. I swapped a 7960 phone that was having the same problem for the 70, and since it still does it, it isnt the phone. Since the wireless doesnt do it, I dont think its the VPN, so the only thing left is the CE500. I had this problem using an ASA5505 and a 1720 router. I dont have another switch to replace the 500, so is there anything on the switch that may be causing the signaling delay?

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paolo bevilacqua
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No, it is extremely unlikely the problem is caused by the switch.


Does the phone keep ringing when you pick the handset up?  When you go to place a call, is there a delay in getting dial tone when you pick the handset up?

No it isnt the hook button. I use speakerphone for most of my calls. When I answer I hear the person, but they wont hear me until the call connect comes up on the screen.

Sometimes when I answer, the ringing phone symbol will still blink for 2-3 seconds, or the number display will just be a blue bar, and until the number returns, they cant hear me, but I can hear them. Really odd. The 7921 though answers all the time, even in the dock.

This is still an ongoing problem, and it appears another one of our customers is having the same problem. I have an 871W router doing PPPOE over wireless Internet, with an EZVPN tunnel back to our servers and gateways. Call quality is good, never have any packet loss, and jitter is low. It's just the signalling to the phone.  Sometimes when I place a call I get a slight delay. Occasionally when I answer a call, it will not pick up, the phone bleeps, and rings again, then I can pick up the call, and it answers immediately. Other times it picks up, and the softkeys remain unchanged, the phone number of the caller remains above the softkeys, I can hear the caller, but they cant hear me, then the number changes to connected, the softkeys change to the connected call setup (hold, transfer, etc.) and everything is fine. Other users who are over EZVPN on the same ASA do not have this problem. I also have a 7921 wireless phone that experiences a delay, far less frequently than the 7970 does. I had the problem with a 7960 before that, and swapped out the phones. The phone is SCCP if that helps any. My router does not have any firewalling applied to it, no inspects, no ACL's, just NAT for Internet, the voice is clear over VPN.

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