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8841 won't boot up


Hi guys, 

I have an 8841 phone that doesnt boot up..when i plug in the ethernet cable the mute button lights up read and the handset led shows red too but nothing else happens even the screen doesnt show anything no cisco logo no nothing just blank...

I have tried factory reseting it but it doesnt work.

What could be the problem and how do I solve it..

any  help is highly appreciated

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Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend
Contact TAC and arrange for an RMA.

Gosh, I wish there was a better answer than call TAC for an RMA. Although I work for an organisation that has multiple service contracts with Cisco and I call "TAC" all the time for them, I have the same phone, same problem, but its from my personal "Lab", if you will, so I cant call TAC on my own phone. If anyone else knows what might be this exact problem, even down to the component level, let me know, Ill bust out my soldering iron if need be.

Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend
The phone is dead. If the phone was ordered this year, you still have warranty to get the phone replaced. FREE.

I just checked the serial number, its date of birth was May of 2018, so no more warranted. Someone said they used the power 'brick' to power the phone without it being connected to POE, and was able to reset it through the display. Sounds like they had a VERY lucky day in getting it to come out of its red light dormant state. I will try tomorrow, and then the screws come out!

George Sotiropoulos
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Unfortunately, nothing more than RMA with Cisco TAC

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