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Adding ringtones to Cisco 79XX phones

I have added several ringtones to my server so that users will have more ringtones to choose from. While I was successful in getting them added to the server and getting them to show up and play. There is a pop noise at the beginning of each sample. I made them in audacity, changed the sample rate to 8000 and made the sample length to a number dividable by 240. I'll upload one ringtone that pops and another that does not. I am wanting them to not have pop noise at the beginning of them.


Datamastertheme pops almost every time the ringer is played

Devinci only pops when selected from the ringer list the first time it is requested to play


Thanks for your help in advance

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George Sotiropoulos
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Can you clarify if by "server" you mean CUCM?

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Yes, I mean sever because I thought that the delivery of ring tones was by

I agree with Mr Mason, the pop sound is most probably due to the audio file that you have uploaded. Definitely, testing the pre-loaded files is the first thing you should try out.


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The ones provided by Cisco play just fine. However the custom made one
pops, but I have already made the files according to the thread on this
forum. For example factor of 240 and 8000 sample rate etc.

VoIP Engineer
Level 1
Level 1

Any pop sound in the existing ringtones, or is that just in the ones you created yourself.

I'd probably upload a pre-made one and look for a pop there.  That would tell you if the pop is introduced in the way you create the file, or in the upload / conversion process.