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ATA-186 can be registered with CUCM v10.5

shaikh ibrahim

Hello guys ;

                      Please confirm me that ATA-186 can work with CUCM v10.5 ? .




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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Yes, ATA186 is still available under devices.



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ok then why it is mentioned here

Compatibility Information for Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Release 10.x

First Published: December 05, 2013

Last Modified: July 01, 2014


Cisco ATA 186 and ATA 188 Analog Telephone Adaptor

Be aware that the end-of-sale date for the Cisco ATA 186 and the ATA 188 was April 1, 2006. It is not

compatible with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.0(1) and later.

This is the same as with other models like the 7940 that were long EOS before the 10.x releases, EOS products are NOT tested with new CUCM releases, thus, they are in the list of not supported devices.

They are still available in the list of devices that can be added to CUCM, and they *should* work with the latest features they had available with the last FW that was released.

Notice that if you run into any issue, and it's ruled that it's directly tied to the FW or HW, there's nothing we can do. We'll only limit support to the CUCM/CME configuration.

ie, you cannot make a call



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Does any one have a ATA-186/188 registered and functioning on a CUCM 10.5.1 system?

I have to upgrade a customer that has several that we'd like to change out over time, rather than have to replace them all at one time.  Finding them behind fax machines and hidden in closets can be a fun task.

Loaded the latest firmware into CM, then manually on ATA firmware using this process as CM didn't change it:

I followed this link from another post regarding ASA not registering for an older issue.

Follow the part that mentions setting the SID0 & SID1 to "." no quotes.  I did this and my ATA registered to CM.  Screen caps attached.

I have a Cisco ATA 186 running on 10.5.1 and it shows to be registered.  I can make calls on it.  Not sure how it will do for faxes.  HTH Please rate.

We have about 30 that are up/registered and working with 10.5.1.


Wish Cisco would say they will operate, just not be developing any new features/functionality, rather than say they are not compatible.


I opened a TAC case, the Engineer said he could not get it to register in his lab.  I built my own lab, and they register and operate just fine.


We're planning on replacing them anyway.

I would like the same think Mike.

We recently sold an UCM 10.x upgrade to one of our customers and one of our pre-sales people very diligently checked the compatibility list and informed the customer that their 300+ 7960 phones would not work.

The customer insisted on lab testing before agreeing to go ahead with the order.

If the statement was "not tested" rather than "incompatible" then maybe it would not have been such an issue.

I do wish that customers would not hold so doggedly on to old phones though - the ones that I have managed to try 78xx phones are really happy with them.

We recently upgraded our Call Manager to 10.5.2, and the upgrade broke all our ATA-186s.

The above post about setting the SCCP Parameters is correct, it fixed our issues.

I just found the ATA's IP address on the switch (show cdp neighbors)

Then HTTP to the IP address of the ATA and then go to the SCCP Parameters and manually input the Call Managers IP address. All the ATA are registered and working now.

Worked like a charm !!

Hi Daryl,

I am doing an upgrade as well. Just to clarify did you upgrade the image on ATA as per tlwoodstx post. Or i can just upgrade CUCM and then go to SCCP page of ATA and change CUCM address.


We've got several hundred ATA186s and haven't had any problems upgrading CUCM versions with them. (We're currently on CUCM11.0)

I hope Cisco don't break support for the ATA186s as they're the best ATA Cisco have made to date.


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Thanks Gordon.

So just upgraded the CUCM and ATA's just worked without upgradding firmware?


ATA 186s haven't had new firmware in a *long* time (7 years!). The upgrades have all gone fairly well with our handset & ATA estate.


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Briliant sir.

Thanks for the info.


Al'hamdulillah, I've successfully configured ATA 186 device in cucm 10.5.


* configure ata device into cucm.

* login ata device through web interface.

* configure ata device.



Thanks & Regards
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