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How can I get number of registered devices per devicepool or Location from CUCM 10.5 version.

Hi, This one has got us into a challenge.  Is there way to get number ( only counts) registered devices ( all types) per devicepool or location from CUCM ? We are trying to monitor periodically the registration stats per location / devicepool. Since ...

Resolved! BLF on CP8851 and SPA512G

Hi everybody, I'm continuing my Asterisk project (with Xivo/Wazo distribution) and I'm deploying several CP8851 (+KEM) and several SPA512G for my Proof of Concept.   Hoewever, I have an annoying problem : BLF function keys don't work. I use SEP File ...

J0hannesR by Beginner
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Resolved! CUCM clear rejected phones - cache

Hey guys,   To replicate the issue I'm having, all I need to do is change a registered Cisco 8841 phone's DN while it's registered and the phone will then become rejected. Once it's rejected, if I remove that phone's profile from CUCM and recreate it...

dtcobra22 by Beginner
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New IP phone and DN number

Hello,   An existing user has a DN number(1101) in our internal directory which is used via jabber for calls. However, this user is now been given a cisco ip phone.How should this user be migrated to use cisco ip phone with their existing DN number. ...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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IP phone display name

Hello,   One of the IP phones that was being used by another employee has been re-assigned to a new employee. The display or caller id field under DN number > Line 1 areas have been changed to indicate the new employee's name. The IP phone has been r...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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