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ATA187 - Fax Lines Move

Hello again friends,

I have a question regarding moving Faxes off one PRI to another.

We are consolodating our overhead, closing up shop in one building and moving all employees across the street into our building. We have 2 fax machines on ATA devices which will need to be forwarded to the new DIDs where the faxes will now be hooked up.

My question is, if I remove the ATA's from the current building but keep the device profile on the switch. Will the line still take calls and forward to the new lines?

My impression was that if there were no fax connected, it renders the line useless.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, as always.

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ATA187 - Fax Lines Move

Yous question is not really easy to understand, however if you change DIDs, you will need to change CUCM configuration accordingly.


ATA187 - Fax Lines Move

Hi Paolo,

Thank you for responding.

Basically, we're vacating office space at one building and moving it's staff down the street to our building on another block in the city. All of the equipment will be removed from the vacated space. If I leave the fax number configured on the ata profile in CUCM, and CFwdALL to the new number here. Will it still work even though there is no physical hardware anymore?

Thank you

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ATA187 - Fax Lines Move

There is no need to do that, because if you receive the call in your CUCM, you can send directly to the destination of your choice without using CFA:

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ATA187 - Fax Lines Move

Hi Ross,

There are a few ways you can accomplish this requirement

- you could use the Call Forward Unregistered setting on the ATA - DN

config page to route calls to the new Fax DN.

- you can remove the Fax DN from the ATA and create the DN again as a

CTI - Route Point with Call Forward All to the new Fax DN.

- you could Translate the old Fax DN to the new Fax DN in CUCM.

- you could have the Telco do the Forward/Routing from old to new at their level.



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