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Automatically disconnect a call after "X" seconds?

Paul Dicine


I Now have several customers who have hit this issue on their CME systems.....

We have an overhead paging system that when invoked sends all the phones to speaker mode and kicks in the overhead pager....Person makes the announcement and all is well.....

Problem is on SEVERAL occasions that person does not hang up the phone when he or she is done and now all phones are rendered useless until we find the culprit....

I would love to know if there is a way (Via Call Manager Express) to have a call automatically disconnect after a certain amount of time..

Is there a way to do it with scripting or any creative suggestions would be appreciated...



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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Thsi often asked.

Answer is that is possible with TCL/IVR scripting only. I wrote the script but it has not been finished yet. More info on the website mentioned in my profile.

Hi Paolo,

I do not see the website you mention on your profile. Can you share? Also can you share what you have so for with the TCL script? If this is the only way to do this anything you can provide will be helpful..

Thank you


Just click on my name, and the website is mentioned at the end of my biography.

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