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AVAYA IP Phones with Cisco Call Manager

Vlad Olteanu
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Level 1

Hi All,

I have found some threads on this , but very vague. We use AVAYA phones throughout the company , but we are looking into changing AVAYA Cm with Cisco Cm .

Are they compatible, can the AVAYA phones work fine with Cisco CM ?

Does anyone have this kind of setup working?

Thank you,

Best Regards,


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I do not see many Avaya phones outside Avaya solutions. Maybe there are generic SIP-phones from Avaya like Cisco has the SPA series for hosted PBX solutions (e.g. broadsoft) but this doesnt mean that normal Avaya SIP-based phones will work outside an IP Office/Communication Manager/Aura.


Tested this in a lab a few months ago.My observations.

1 You can register them as 3rd party SIP phones and must use the SIP firmware.I tested with some of the newer phones(Used a 9614 and 9650) and it worked for calls.

2 I experienced a problem with voicemail. I set the voicemail pilot number in the Avaya Settings File and was able to press the message button to call into voicemail. The problem I did experience is when a VM was left for that extension it took a much longer time than normal for the phone's message light to come up.Figure there was a problem with the way the SIP notify was being handled but didn't figure this out.(This was using Unity and Sip Integration)

3 Since this is a 3rd party SIP integration you loose speed dials and button templates. You can look for guides online on configuring 3rd party sip phones.


Hi Moyo, 

I am trying to configure the Avaya phones (9640G) with CUCM 10.5 but no luck, I am getting the login menu i.e. username/password but then in stucks in loggin in..untill i press cancel button.

I performed the following 

1) Configure the SIP phone Security profile with Phone Security Profile Configuration Digest Authentication Enabled.

2) Tried adding phone as both basic & Advance, with owner ID & Digest user

3) configured the end user with digest password, associated the phone

i believe network settings on Avaya phone  are not correct, can you please help me with that.


Zishan Naviwala 

Hi Zishan, Did you get any information on the avaya phone settings? I am also struggling to connect Avaya to Cisco cucm.



Have you tried using the DN as the login name and the Digest Authentication password as the password?

Hi Moyo,

Could you share some reference link or document Avaya phone configuration as we are migrating from cisco phone to avaya phone.

What are the do's and don't I have to considered for migration ?

Please assist me


As i have tested i am  only able to make  calls from  Avaya to Cisco  phones however Cisco  to Avaya is not working