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BE4000 COR

Level 5
Level 5

I have a client that is looking to allow internal users to call Locally and Toll-Free.  Unfortunately, the CORs available do no allow that without opening full long distance calling.  


  • Internal—Privileges to call numbers that are internal to the organization.


  • International—Privileges to call all numbers including international numbers.


  • Local—Privileges to call numbers within the same area code.


  • Local-Plus—Privileges to call numbers within the same area code with plus dialing.


  • National—Privileges to call numbers within the same nation code.


  • National-Plus—Privileges to call numbers within the same nation code with plus dialing.


Does anyone have a work around for this?  Pretty well looking for a Local + Toll-Free COR.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You cannot have custom configurations on BE4k. The templates are pre-defined and the only ones that can be used.


Thanks for the quick reply.


Is there any roadmap to add more COR templates?  For instance Local and Toll Free is a common ask we run into. 

I would call TAC to get a definite answer on that part.


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