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Blind Transfer to Voice Mail - Exchange UM

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Level 1

                   We have configured Exchage UM as our voice mail.  When an admin assistant answers a phone line for their executive and they decide to trasfer the call to the exec's voice mail the admin assistant would push the transfer button dial the exec's extension again and then hit transfer.  Well when this happens it goes to the execs voice mail login and ask's for the pin.  We need that to go directly to leaving a voice mail.  Does anyone know how I get this to work?  Thanks.

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This looks like the UM is seeing the EXECS DN as the calling DN

Can you look at the settings on the CUCM SIP trunk.

Look down to the Outbound call section

Redirecting Diversion Header Delivery - Outbound

Check this check box to include the Redirecting Number in the outgoing INVITE message from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager to indicate the original called party number and the redirecting reason of the call when the call is forwarded.

Uncheck the check box to exclude the first Redirecting Number and the redirecting reason from the outgoing INVITE message.

You use Redirecting Number for voice-messaging integration only. If your configured voice-messaging system supports Redirecting Number, you should check the check box.

The default value for Redirecting Number IE Delivery - Outbound specifies check box does not get checked.

As this is a Vmail integration try checking this option

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Yes, this is Exchange UM Voice Mail and I have this box checked already.

Hi Billy,


We are running into a similar issue.  Were you able to find a resolution?



Joshua Learn

Dennis Mink
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Here ye go

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This didnt work.

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Level 10

Hi Billly

If we think that you have extension 2001 and we need to transfer the call to VM.

1- create CTI RP as *2001 and do call forward all to VM.It should be reachable by 2001 (check partition or CSS).

2- On VM profile on the mask  do XXXX.

3-on the phone create speed dial button (*2001 label transfertoVM).

4-on cucm - Service parameters - "on-hook transfer enabled "True"'.

now check , call come to 2001 answer then press tranfer then press the speed dial for *2001 then transfer again.

Thank you

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+5 Alex, I think this is most likely the issue..Similar thread here

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