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Bulk update option for Directory Number descriptions?

Will M

Normally when we provision users, it's 1-3 as they they are onboarded, and as we configure the Mac for a physical phone and a CSF device for Webex Teams app, we update the Directory Numbers 3 fields "description", "alerting name", and "ascii alerting name".

We're onboarding a new site and have to setup 400+ users, but they will not be receiving physical phones, just Webex teams for remote. I have used a bulk file to setup all the csf devices and it works great. However I realized the DN description's were not updated as we would have normally configured that during out manual Mac/physical phone setup portion. Caller ID and all that is fine, but the bulk doesnt seem to touch the top portion of the Directory Number configuration.

I am familiar with Bulk > Phones > Add/Update Lines > Update Lines,  however this is more for setting 1 setting across multiple DN's, like the External Phone Number Mask or Voice Mail Profile.

How can I update multiple DN's but with unique entries,  like ext 2120, Description "Bobby x2120", Alerting name "Bobby", etc.


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Nithin Eluvathingal
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VIP Mentor

Maren Mahoney
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VIP Advocate

I did a webinar for Cisco last year on BAT and one example job I demonstrated was using Export-Import to customize the Description field for devices. You can use the same process (customizing different fields) to make the changes you want.

Below is a link to the webinar. What you are looking for begins at around 1:01:10.

Take a look and let me know if you have any questions.

Community Live video- CUCM Bulk Administration Tool: Practical Things You Can Use Every Day 


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