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Call Handlers and Caller System Transfer configuration


I'm trying to get a "simple" AA behaviour working on the CUC 11.x but I'm having some issues.  Basically what I'm trying to do is:

1) User call the main number 

2) The call get redirected to the AA

3) The Opening Greeting message will play (something like: "Welcome, please type the extension number or stay on the line to get redirected to an operator")

4) If the user knows the ext# he can type it otherwise after 5 seconds it gets redirected to the operator

At the moment 1,2,3 works fine and I have the "After Greeting" configured to forward the call to the "Caller System Transfer" after the opening greetings but I can't find a way to forward the call to the operator if the user doesn't type anything. If I stay on the line, the message from the "Caller System Transfer" is repeated 3 times and after that it start from the opening greetings again.

I have also tried to configure the call handler to forward the call to the operator call handler after the greetings but in this way I can't find any way to hit the Caller System Transfer to allow the user to type the ext#...

Any suggestions on how to configure this simple behaviour?

Thank you all in advance

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You're over complicating

You're over complicating things, the user can dial whatever number they want as you play the greeting, just check the option to allow transfers to numbers not associated to users. No need for a caller system transfer.

Record your greeting, have whatever amount of silence you think is good enough for them to dial, and then something like, wait while we transfer you to the operator.

Create new call handler, set transfer rules to dial the operator DN. On the original call handler, after greeting -> above call handler -> attempt transfer



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Hi Jamie,

Hi Jaime,

thank you for your reply.

The reason i m using a Caller System Transfer is simply because if the user dial the extension number during the greetings i receive the error message that the call cannot be trasferred to the ext# just after the double "beep". When i use the Caller System Transfer it works.

So with a Caller System Transfer --> the forward to an ext# works fine

without a Caller System Transfer --> the forward to an Ext# gives me the error message that the call cannot be trasferred

I have checked the restriction tables, created also a specific rule for my ext #s and (for testing purposes) i have also enabled (unchecked) ALL of them, same error. Checked all the Calling Search Space and everything looks good. The "Allow transfers to numbers not associated to users" is also checked.

It seems like the opening greetings that is hanling the call it s not able to forward the call for some reason but i can t find any setting to change. Again when i use the caller system transfer it works.

Not sure if it helps but I m trasferring the call from an h323 gateway on the Route CTI point that forward it to the voice mail pilot number to hit the AA.

Appreciate your inputs.

Thank you

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I am assuming you want to configure an AA which plays a greeting, if a user does not press any digit then unity repeats the greeting twice and finally transfers the call to an operator.

If the above is true then one way to achieve would be to set the after greeting action on your current AA to another call handler say Reception. On the reception call handler browse to

greetings >>> standard greeting >>>> set the callers hear option to "Nothing", >>>> uncheck the checbox for "Play the "Record Your Message at the Tone" Prompt" >>>>  go to transfer rules  >>> Standard >>>> Transfer calls to >>> Extension (Specify the operator extension)


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