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Call Manager assistance needed

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I am running Call Manager version 9.1.1 at my company and am needing some guidance. 


We have a number that our employees can call (a hotline type number) that when the line answers an automated message is played presenting the caller with a few options to choose from. For example: press 1 for the HR department, press 2 for Sales, etc..

I am relatively new in position and did not set this feature up in Call Manager originally, and I am having a hard time locating where these configurations take place. At this point I am not sure what to call this feature, but I'm hoping that someone can guide me to it's location as I'm needing to make changes. 





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The description is a little vague, but it sounds a lot like a TRAP. If so, this is typically done through the Media Master, the thing you have trouble with earlier, and you put in your phone number, hit record, it calls you, you answer, you hear a beep, you speak, it records, you hang up, bam, done, you have a greeting.

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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Typically this will look like the following:

Option 1 - Cisco Unity Connection (CUC) System Call Handlers
CallManager Directory Number > Forwarding to VoiceMail > CUC System Call Hanlder > Edit Caller Input

Option 2 - Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)
CallManager Directory Number > CTI Controlled by UCCX > UCCX Trigger > UCCX Application > UCCX Script

To start, use the CallManager menu for Call Routing > Route Plan Report and use the contains search filter to try and locate your phone number by partial match.

If you need help Eric, just let me know, and we can setup a Webex for me to look at it with you. I have a few minutes now, otherwise later tonight works too. Yes, it is a Friday, and yes, I do have a problem with detaching from work. :P

Anthony, it would appear that your option 1 below is where I need to be, however I do not see the specific Call Handler that I am looking for. Several of the Call Handlers I see do show an extension associated with them, however these are internal extensions. For example, I have a Customer Service Call Handler set up with an internal extension listed. However, the Call Handler I'm looking for is reached by dialing an external 1-888 number. If a configured Call Handler does not show an extension associated with it, does this mean that the number that would be used to reach this would be an external number? If so, where would this be set up? 


Again, this particular line is already set up, so I know that it exists, and it makes sense that I would make my needed configuration changes as you show in Option 1, but unfortunately I just don't see it in my list of Call Handler names. 


Hope the above rambling made sense. :)

It might be a translation pattern in CUCM converting the number to a directory number.

It might be a voicemail profile in CUCM transforming the number on the directory number.

It might be a forward routing rule in CUC picking a specific system call handler or mailbox.

It might be a mailbox in CUC which matches this extension, since mailboxes can also have caller input (menus) defined.

Ok, so I believe that I located the System Call Handler that needs to be adjusted. I can see that I can manipulate the specific buttons, so that's great! However, I have run into a new issue. I am needing to record a new message that plays when the phone is answered and it appears that this should be fairly straight-forward as I see a "Play/Record" button on the Call Handler's main page. When selecting this button I get the following error "initMMApplet: InitMMAppletInstance Failed to get instance". 


Am I in the correct location to be able to create a new recording for this Call Handler, or do I need to look elsewhere?


It would not be on the Call Hander's main page, rather under Edit > Greetings > Standard. However, it sounds like you're having an issue with the embedded Java applet called the Media Master.

There are three alternatives for you though:

1) Use the Greeting Administrator feature. This might not be setup on your system today, which might make using it too difficult. This is a telephone application, where you call a special number, authenticate with your PIN, and then are able to record a new greeting.  Look here for instructions:

2) Use the AudioText Manager from ( which is a thick client install on your computer, and connects to the server, so you can work with the audio files easier.

3) Just upgrade your server to a version which no longer uses the java applet - as it works much better in these newer versions:

Anthony, can I get some additional info on option number 2? Am I correct that you are saying that this will be downloaded to my computer and not to the server itself? Does this just work along side CUC?

I appreciate all the assistance! 

#2 does get installed on your PC and not on the server, correct. I don't know what you mean by "along side CUC", but it will have you enter the CUC server address, a username, and a password, in order to connect to the CUC server. Once connected, you can make changes to CUC using this tool. These tools are made by Cisco and some of them even come with TAC support. So, don't think they're just some random guy on the internet having fun.


I mean, community member @lindborg could be described as a random guy on the internet having fun, but you know what I mean.  ;)

I appreciated all the help from everyone in this thread. I would like to slightly shift gears however....

I have been advised that I should be able to call an extension from within CUC and when the phone rings record the greeting that I am needing to record. The people who have advised me of this don't know exactly where to go to do this, but advised that they have personally been a part of doing so in the past. 

Does anyone have a clue of where to go to do this? Is it in CUC? or maybe UCM? I have searched through the options of CUC and did not find it. 

The description is a little vague, but it sounds a lot like a TRAP. If so, this is typically done through the Media Master, the thing you have trouble with earlier, and you put in your phone number, hit record, it calls you, you answer, you hear a beep, you speak, it records, you hang up, bam, done, you have a greeting.

I wanted to advise that the Media Master is exactly what I needed to make this work. On my end it meant that I needed create a Java exception for the site I needed, and also apply a new certificate, but once this was done I had access to Media Master, and was able to record my greeting. 


Thanks for everyone's assistance! 

What a journey! Thanks for letting us know you are all set.

Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You're never going to find the IVR/AA as it's not in CUCM, you must have CUC, UCC, a script, etc. doing that, you need to find out via your call flow where the call is going to, and then you can find out where the AA is to make changes.



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In which your 888 toll free would translate to an internal phone number. A test call from a cell phone, for example, then running a CDR against your cell number would tell you what the internal number is.