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call pickup groups involving second DNs

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We have a department that wants the second DNs on their 7942G phones in a call pickup group.  We are running Call Manager 7.1.4.  We configured the pickup group with both audio and visual notification.  We set the timer to 6 seconds to make sure the notification would occur before the call RNA'd to voicemail.  The (second) DNs were configured with the pickup group number.  When a call is placed to any of these DNs, no notification is being made to the other phones.  We do not have this issue when the phones involved in a pickup group have only one DN configured on them.

What needs to be done to get the notification to the phones where the second DN is the pickup group member?

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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi Sefjelstad,

Sadly, Pickup Notification only works with Primary Lines

For CUCM 7.x (***)

Call Pickup Notification

The Call Pickup Notification feature provides an audio or visual, or both, notification on Cisco Unified IP Phones when other members of a pickup group receive a call. Call Pickup Notification gets configured in three configuration windows for three types of settings: system, call pickup group, DN/phone.

Service Parameters Configuration-The type of audio notification (beep or ring) to be heard when a phone is idle or busy gets set from the Service Parameters Configuration window. This setting becomes the system default.

Call Pickup Group Configuration-The type of notification for each call pickup group gets configured from the Call Pickup Group Configuration window in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration. In addition to configuring the type of notification, you can configure the time, in seconds, to delay the audio and visual alerts after the call comes into that group. This allows the original called party a chance to pick up the call prior to the audio and/or visual alert being sent to the pickup group. See the "Call Pickup Group Configuration Settings" section.

-To configure whether the notification will be audio or visual, or both, use the configuration settings in the Call Pickup Group Notification Settings section of the Call Pickup Group Configuration window. ***The notification gets sent only to the primary line of a device.