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Call routing between partitions on 1 Call Manager cluster

I have two partitions on my call manager for corp and call center operation. Is there a way to add a route point to allow those in the Corp partition to call the call center partition phones ?

This is something I have never had to deal with, inter-partition routing and I would appreciate some guidance.

Thanks !


Re: Call routing between partitions on 1 Call Manager cluster

Hi Robert,

Essentially what you are refering to is  the Calling-Search-Space (CSS), the CSS determines what or whom can be  called.  For example in your case a CSS should be defined which has both  the CORP and Contact Centre Partitions selected, and then the given CSS  should be be assigned to the particular DN line-appearance which then  allows that DN to call any number associated with the CORP partition or  the Contact Centre Partition.

Please refer to the following URL is give overview of understanding Partition and CSS:-



Hope  this helps.


Re: Call routing between partitions on 1 Call Manager cluster

One quick addition here:

The SRND for Contact Center Express addresses this and explicitly recommends against it. There is no technical limitation; however, it is bad form and it sounds as if your system integrator properly provided this segragation. The CCX product intends to have complete and exclusive access to the IPCC Extension assigned to that user. Other calls (except inter-agent calls from other IPCC Extensions) are not intended to arrive on that line.

If contact center users should be reachable from outside the call center, it is recommended to give them a separate directory number/line on their phone; in your case, in the corporate partition.


Re: Call routing between partitions on 1 Call Manager cluster

That is ok for normal operations but we are unique in that we run our own 911 center.

When someone in the call center dials 911 and hangs up, the 911 center in the other CSS cannot call them back.


Re: Call routing between partitions on 1 Call Manager cluster

Well, I can certainly see where you are coming from.  Couldn't you change the CLID from the agent line when they call 911 to be their personal line?  This would require that an agent has an agent line (for the ACD) and they have a personal line.  It would also require that you set the e164/external mask on the agent line to be the appropriate number for the personal line.  This could become a juggling act depending on multiple variables at play.

There is also a user education component/approach here.  Clearly, they shouldn't call 911 from an ACD line.  Well, at least that would fall underbest practice.  They should use a personal line for this type of call.  I have had some customers stick personal lines at the top of the button list (e.g. 1,2,3) and ACD lines at the bottom (e.g. 4,5,6) in the hopes to reinforce user education on how to use ACD vs. personal lines.  Some of my customers do the opposite. It depends on the usage policies I suppose.  The former approach has been used by my customers for various reasons, including the "what if they dial 911" question.  Putting the personal line on button 1 appears to work, well mostly.

So, your formula for success here would be a little bit of user education, followed up with either a button re-arrangement or testing out the use of the External Mask field and a custom translation/route pattern for your ACD stations.  Or, if you really have no other choice, then let your 911 operators "see" the ACD station lines.  It is your dial plan, so as long as you have a good handle on how things work then treat "best practices" as guidelines rather than strict rules of engagement.

Just my 2 cents.



Side bar: Another interesting point about the SRND reference made earlier.  In the upgrade guides for 5x/7x (at least) there is a requirement that CTI Ports and Agent lines should be in the same partition.  Further, there is a defect in 4x/5x/7x (CSCsr83511) which essentially means that any device that will originate or redirect a call to call center will need to have visibility on the CTI Ports (e.g. redirect CSS doesn't work - note: apparently fixed in 8.0).  Now, you can grant this "visibility" using translations or just straight CSS assignment.  I use translations because I can still "block" access to the agent lines via translation (or lack thereof).

HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: Call routing between partitions on 1 Call Manager cluster

I would suggest looking at my answer to another thread related to dial plan design for CCX. The way I typically do it effectively eliminates this problem.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense. Essentially the IPCC Extension is the same abbreviated number format as their normal extension. The CSS setup allows that another IPCC Extension calling that abbreviated dial pattern reaches the IPCC Extension. Anyone else in the company reaches the normal directory number, even if they do a callback to a call that was originally made from the IPCC Extension.

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