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Caller ID - Showing a Name


I've got a cisco unified call manager 6.x, and whilst for internal calls I'm getting a display of a display name on our phones (7941G/7961G), for external calls (where caller-id is presented), no display name is there - even for numbers which are in the corporate address book.

We're using phone mobility, and linking phone authentication through LDAP/AD, and corporate address book through our LDAP/AD.

Is my expectation that it's going to look up caller-id via the corporate address book right?  Where else would it look it up?  Is there a way to add in display names for external caller-id other than this?

I've looked through Cisco's website, Google and other resources without much help so far.  Any assistance would be appreciated!



External Caller ID is probably coming from the provider.   First you may have to request that your providor sends you that information.   For Qwest I had to submit a special request for "Caller ID Name Delivery." 

If you're past that step the next thing to do is telnet to the gateway and do a "debug isdn q931" and "ter mon"   When a call comes in you should see something like the following.

.Apr 15 21:30:37.797: ISDN Se0/2/0:23 Q931: RX <- FACILITY pd = 8  callref = 0x011D
        Facility i = 0x9F8B0100A117020101020100800F524F4245525453204155544F20424F
                Protocol Profile =  Networking Extensions
                Component = Invoke component
                        Invoke Id = 1
                        Operation = CallingName
                                Name Presentation Allowed Extended
                                Name = ROBERTS AUTO BO

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

That is what my "number to name"script does.

You can contact me about at the address present in my profile.

To the first poster - we already have called-id being presented - there's just no mapping / display of caller names on the phones where the calls come in.

So if I understand right by the second poster, this is done at the router-level, not at the CUCM level?  Can it be done at the CUCM layer at all??

Are there other alternatives to paying for a script from you to do the job?


CUCM does not currently do Number to Name resolution for external (i.e., ingress PSTN) calls.  So, you're likely looking at a script or some sort of application (which is really just a series of expensive scripts with a fancier interface) to accomplish this.  I don't have any alternatives to give you but can certainly answer your question about the CUCM's capabilities.


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