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Cannot delete voicemail from inbox

David Coelho

This is only happening to certain users. Users are not able to delete the voicemail email from their outlook. We just upgrades to CM and Unity 8. Running Exchange 2010.

Early roll out, I was able to tell the users to delete deleted messages and that was able to cure the issue. Now, not so much. The user cannot delete the email or move it to the deleted folder They can move it to another folder then delete it. They get an error message indicating that access was denied.

He does not use his physical phone to listen to voicemails or delete voicemails. It is set up to the same as everyone elses phone but he does not even have a phone option to delete deleted messages from his phone.

Any guidence?



piyush aghera

Try giving full access rights under Mailbox Rights of the exchange user for this particular user.

There are no restrictions on the Exchange side. This is only happening with the Unity emails as well.


Hello David

Did you figured out what was going on?

I'm having the same issue

Never figured it out and it was only one user.


Exact same thing with our brand new, just installed Cisco voice system.  Only one user, no Exchange restrictions, only Unity voice mails.  One thing we did find, we can't delete them from the Inbox, but we can move them to another folder and delete them from the other folder.

Steve Bethea

Experiencing a similar issue.  Message left on Unity Connection 8.6.x is delivered to Exchange 2010 and shows in outlook inbox.  We can open the message in Outlook and play the wav file.  Exchange updates the status in Unity Connection and MWI is extinguished.  When we try to either move the message to a different folder in Outlook or delete it we get "Unknown Error." from Outlook.  

We recently updated our Exchange 2010 to Service Pack 3 and that is when the issue began but it was a few days before any user complained.  Thankfully it is not consistent across all users (6000+) in our organization but seems to randomly pick a few lucky souls to torment.

This is a known bug in Service Pack 3 that prevents "Soft Deletion" of some messages with voice mail attachments.  You can still "Hard Delete" the messages by highlighting them and holding "Shift" while you click "Delete".  This can also be accomplished by accesing your Unity Connection mailbox via telephone and "Erasing" all "Deleted" messages. 

We will be applying the patch this weekend and I will update this thread Monday and let you know how it went.

Steve Bethea

Exchange 2010 SP3 Rollup 1 corrected this issue.

Here is the info on Exchange 2010 SP3 Rollup 1.

It corrects issue 2822208 (Unable to soft delete some messages after installing Exchange 2010 SP2 RU6 or SP3).

You may experience the following symptoms either in Microsoft Outlook in Online mode or in Outlook Web App (OWA) when the mailbox is located on a server on which Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 RU6 or Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3 has been installed:

  • •1.       You cannot soft delete messages that contain voice mail attachments.
  • •2.       You cannot soft delete messages that have attachments (such as a PDF file) that are sent from a FAX server, a printer, or a scanner.

Note This issue does not occur if the message is sent by a user instead of by an application, or if the message has no attachments.

Good Luck, I hope this helps

Hi Everyone,


We want to prevent delete option on web inbox how can we do that ?



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