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Cisco 7937 and DHCP Check-in

Mark VandeVere

This week, with no known changes to DHCP, network or CUCM, our 7937 phones are starting to check in with DHCP every 3 seconds. They have a valid address and work fine, they are just constantly hitting DHCP. Ideas are appreciated in advance.


<<<rockpile.log snip>>>


[02-19]07:51:35.686|dhcp |3|00|eventCB: 2
[02-19]07:51:38.726|dhcp |3|00|eventCB: 2
[02-19]07:51:41.766|dhcp |3|00|eventCB: 2
[02-19]07:51:44.816|dhcp |3|00|eventCB: 2
[02-19]07:51:47.856|dhcp |3|00|eventCB: 2
[02-19]07:51:50.905|dhcp |3|00|eventCB: 2

<<<end rockpile.log snip>>>

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Hi Mark.

I observed similar issue.

Which firmware are you running?


Please let me know



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Were you able to resolve your issue?


I am getting the same issue did you resolve the issue?

I am running apps37sccp.1-4-4-0

Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi there,

I'm guessing it's this bug which is resolved in Firmware 1-4-5;

Conference Phones Cisco 7937 continually request for DHCP
Symptom:The IP phone 7937 continually requests for DHCP if the DHCP Lease time is greater than 7 days. The phone continues to work fine while it is sending those continuous DHCP requests.

Conditions:DHCP Lease time is greater than 7 days

Workaround:1) Reset the IP Phone (Will stop the DHCP Flood, but will re-occur again)
2) Reduce the DHCP lease time to a value less than 7 days

Thank you for your response, I managed to find the bug and have now upgraded the firmware, however out DHCP lease is set to four days.

Recently I've had 7941's and 7942 causing DHCP storms, a reset of the phone seems to stop the continues DHCP requests however this keeps happing. Any ideas welcome. 


Experiencing similar issues recently. Multitude of phone models, 7842, 8861, etc......

Besides firmware update, what was the solution for some that have experienced this?

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