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Cisco ATA 191 - CUCM/Registration


Hi There,


Looking for some advice/help. Our service are in the process of gradually moving to IP telephony. Some of the sites have the requirement to be able to use there current analogue phones. 


I am trying to set-up a CIsco ATA 191 but not sure where I am going wrong. (I am quite new to this and it could be something really simple) 


I have connected the ATA as per instructions and I have this connected to the network and its getting an IP address. The power light is green and the network symbol on the ATA is flashing however the phone light on the ATA only comes to life if I lift the phone off the hook and this flashes green. There is no DIal tone. I have tried a couple of different handsets. 


The firmware on the 191 is - 11-1-0MSR3-9


I have added the ATA to CUCM the same way I would any other phone but its not registering. Its coming up -  Registration Unknown and within the ATA GUI when I go to The Voice - Information section I can see that the provisioning status is failing. The failure reason is "Connection Error" 


Our network is set-up as DHCP but im unsure if there are any specific provisioning/line settings I am missing? 

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Nithin Eluvathingal
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