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Cisco ATA 191 Operating System


Does anyone know what Operating System runs on the cisco ATA 191 and what the version is?   Is in Linux?  Version?

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Cisco has own firmware developped on top of basic unix code base as per i know

if you download you can see some C file and bin file.


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Unfortunately, my account will not let me download.  Is the Unix code more than 10 years old.  Have a company mandate that no OS, Firmware or Software can run on the next work that is more than 10 years old.  Do you at least know if its 10 years old or older.   Looks like the Poly 2 port gateway Linux version is 13 years old. 

Nithin Eluvathingal
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ATA 191 runs on SIP firmware. Cisco keep releasing new firmware which you must upgrade. New releases brings bug fixes, features etc.. And if i am correct ata 191 is less than 8 year in the market.

Upgrade your ata  firmware to latest releases and that's enough.


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Thanks for the info but 8 years in the market does not mean the OS/ kernal is up to date.   It would be great is someone who has an ATA 191 in their lab who can help me by running the following unixs commands: 

unameShow the Unix system information.
uname -aDetailed Unix system information
uname -rKernel release information, such as kernel version


AFAIK you don't have such options with ATA 191 cli. Update your ata to latest firmware  release that's enough. 

Your company policy will be applicable for ATA  if you are running a firmware which Cisco released 10 years before.

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