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Keith Abbott

cisco CM to paging system sans router

Good Day,


We are moving a site over from an old Nortel implementation, to cisco call manager 11.5. The site has an overhead paging system - a Bogen TPU100B, to which we need to interface.


In the past we would just drop an FXO/FXS card into the router, but recent changes are requiring us to stay off of the routers and take a different track.


While I am configuring specifically for this site,  I am also attempting to come up with a generic solution that will work for most/all sites, that have a variety of different paging systems.


These are remote sites that we're not going to be able to jump in the car and go visit to fix a problem so we want a solid solution.


My thought is that we could use a VG202XM or VG204XM, depending on the number of zones - night-ring requirements, etc, then connect the FXS port(s) to a Bogen TAMB2 and on in to the amplifier.  I had consider an ATS device but one of our vendor's techs said he wasnt a fan and suggested the VGs instead.


Does that sound like a feasible approach? Is anywhere aware of any gotchas to this approach?

I have not worked with the VGs before does anyone have and advice, suggestions, information on what the configuration CM to VG, and VG to TAMB2 would be?


Thanks for any input.

Adam Pawlowski
VIP Advocate

We've been using CyberData's paging amplifier products (which have a dry out) and the paging relay, though in one instance a matching transformer was needed from the paging relay.


Both have been solid devices, and register in as a SIP phone, can be called, have API etc.

Once in a blue moon they've needed a restart, largely as we're restarted our UCM. A PoE device makes that simple to rectify.


I don't see why the VG would be a problem, as long as they supply suitable voltage/current. Past a point there may be some other way to place your paging calls and outpulse a dialed DTMF to trigger the zone if you can. I don't think there's anything special about the configuration.


Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor

You can configure the VG as a h323/Sip gateway on CUCM and configure dial-peer on VG.


If you are using FXS port for connecting TAMB-2 you can try SCCP gateway.






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Mohammed al Baqari
VIP Advisor


I suggest to go with ATA-19x devices. The provide two FXS ports which can
be used to connect paging. ATA is not expensive and very useful. They are
SIP based and mainly plug and play.

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Dennis Mink

i have used algo 8180 sip paging units, or a number of retail customers in their outlets,  combine it with the audio output in to deed into an amp, connected into like a store wide PA system, 

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