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Cisco IP Phone 7970 - cant see history logs



We have a 7970 phone And we can't see received calls in the phone history and missed calls

We tried to change the "Alternate TFTP" to "YES" and we reconfigured the TFTP servers on the phone (manually) And in addition, Call history logs at the DN level are marked with a V (the checkbox)

thank you very much


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Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

Check your cucm certificates. Renew the expired certificates.

Try removing the ITL/CTL by going to the phone security settings  by pressing the setting button.

Response Signature

All certificates are valid.

I tried to delete the ITL and it still didn't work..

I do see an error of TFTP ERROR but all the settings look normal and the phone does work and is registered

Is it possible that the DHCP settings (including TFTP) that the phone is currently receiving are not correct? The Cisco Phones will use a "last known good" to register to their 'old' information if currently received information does not work. In this scenario, the phone will register with CUCM but the missed calls and received calls will be blank.

Another possibility is a firmware issue. What version of CUCM (or CUCME?) are you running, and what firmware version is on the phone?


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