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Cisco IP Phone "High Traffic, Try Again Later"



I´m new on the forum, I hope you can help me.


In some Ip phones shows the message "High Traffic, Try Again Later" in happens only in sometimes and people who call a lot out the company, internal calls works fine.

Someone says it could be because the QoS, or maybe because the bandwith between that site to my main site. 


If you need more information I can give u. I am CCNA R&S I am new on Voice perdon If I cant explain sthg



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MAYBE IT IS TOO LATE TO REPLY but it can help for other admins on the future.


I had the problem with calls to cellphone, some cellphone, the problem was wiht the way to dial, some cellphone has to dial direct like your house. That was my problem, it was not problem for my router or pbx. 


I attach my debug from the router it sends the legend "Cause Value= 42"


Hope it can helps u!

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I had an issue with this once and it ended up being a mis-configuration of my Location Bandwidth Groups.   If you have the Location Bandwidth Manager Service activated in Serviceability, then CUCM will monitor network metrics to determine if a call is possible based on the setting provided for the location that the phones belong to.   

You can test this by disabling this service to see if the error goes away.   If it does, then you need to take a closer look at the settings for Locations that are participating in Bandwidth Management.



Thanks so much, can you tell me where can i find the manager bandwidth service? 


So sorry I am new on CUCM

off the top of my head, either system or device in the admin pages, then region/location.


you will have to look at the device pool of the phone first to see what region/location it has assigned. pretty easy to find though

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This is my configuration and I have on unlimited the bandwidht. I attach the image, thanks so much. 

Do u think should I disable the Location Bandwidth Manager? 

OK, so if your location audio bandwidth is set to unlimited, then AAR will never kick in. so you are confident that the phones that get the error are in either of these 3 locations?  are you using video at all, or just the audio component?

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Yes I only have that 3 location, They only use audiocomponent

i m not sure if you recently changed the location settings, but it might be worth stopping and starting the location bandwidth manager service on all cucms

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How can I do it? Stop and starting the location bandwidth manager?

Dennis Mink
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

This is most likely caused by aar kicking in. So you would need to check the locationbandwidth and see if it refelcts the ricght value.

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