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cisco phone sending multiple dhcp request


Have a phone sending multiple dhcp requests. The strange thing it was already on the network. So, why would it be sending request? Any known bug?

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Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What phone model and firmware are you seeing this with?  Does the phone receive a DHCP Ack for it's request?  If it does not receive an Ack it's going to keep sending the Request until it gets an Ack.


We had two phones that were doing this.  One was a 7906 using firmware SCCP11.9-2-1S and 7961G-GE using firmware SCCP41.9-2-1S.  I can access the phone log but what log entry will I be looking for? 

The log file to look at would be the console logs.  I'm not sure of the exact message to look at but in there you'll see DHCP messages being sent and received printed in the logs.

this is what I think it looks like once I get an ip address: 

1730: NOT 09:01:54.053209 JVM: Startup Module Loader|cip.cfg.ConfigManager:? -   IPv4 state=DHCP BOUND

I've been trying to find something that will help me to decipher the logs. 


known bug.  workaround I heard from TAC is to lower the lease expire timer to less than 7 days, and it will stop.

You mean this one for the 7937's:

Could be applicable to the 7961/7906 too, as Mark pointed out try the workaround of lowering the lease time and see if the problem disappears.

I saw that bug as well but it was only pertaining to the 7937.  My hunch is that it's also related to the 7906 and 7961G-GE.  However, I was checking with the community before I opened a TAC case. 

We lowered our lease to 5 days and this bug has not ceased. Our model phone is 7941 besides hardware resetting the phones is there any other alternatives to stopping this leasing issue?


Recently have been seeing a similar scenario. Phone randomly flood DHCP server with requests, almost like DDOS, while already configured and assigned an IP. Phone continues to function and does not lose registration. Multiple models and firmware loads.

Has anyone been able to resolve this?

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