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Cisco Unity 11.5 - Segregating Extension ranges for Directory Handler

Hi all :)


I have a Unity question for our migrations coming up from different Voice Platforms that route a specific way right now.  I have read through tenant partitioning, which I believe would have too many restrictions to our environment to fit the need.  What we are trying to accomplish is:


A range of CUCM extensions that can be reached by the specific customer directory handler.  Up to 30 different ranges, so it's quite a lot.  However, they cannot be reachable to anyone else outside of the caller specific for that Extension.

Unity, Unfied Communications

Call Flow would look like this:  DN on CTI route point to Unity - Directory handler asking if they know the parties extension, if not, we send them to an extension on transfer to a Hunt Pilot (or wherever) if they know the extension, they dial it and transfer to that extension along with any coverage.  However, we want the extensions out of that customers range to be denied.  So if the range is 6000 - 6200 and they dial by number 6300, we want to deny it.


Hopefully I outlined that clearly.  Has anyone accomplished this in a simpler way?  Thanks so much in advance!

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Jonathan Schulenberg
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Hall of Fame
Have you looked into Partitions & CSS on Unity Connection? It seems like this would do exactly what you want: move the mailboxes that you want dialable from that Call Handler into a Partition, create a CSS that only includes that Partition, and assign that CSS to the Call Handler. You would probably want to add that Partition to the default CSS so those mailboxes remain accessible to everything else still.

VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni
Use the partitions and CSS in Unity connection to segregate the ranges.

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VIP Alumni
1) Below Will be useful for ILS

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