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Cisco Unity Connection Single Inbox Office 365 Issue


I've got two separate incidents where upgrading to Unity Connection has broke Single Inbox to Office 365.    When a message is left, it is synced to Outlook without issue.  However, when the message is marked read, it is never updated on the Unity Connection server.  


This was working without issue for one instance on 10.5 Unity Connection.  Nothing configuration wise has changed, but the upgrade to 12. 


Is there anyone else out in the community that has upgraded to 12 and is integrated to Office365?  TAC is saying the issue is Office 365, which does not make any sense if it was working before the upgrade.  So just checking to see if anyone else has it working without issue under version 12.

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Having a similar issue, however we are running Unity 11.5.

Hi there


I am curious to see the result if you ask your O365 Administrator to disable the "Single Item Recovery Feature" 




Hope this Helps


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The single item recovery feature is enabled for our entire organization.  We disabled this for a test user but the test users is still having the problem.

So basically here in your case the single inbox is working, but once the message is read from outlook client, thats not syncing.


Do you mean, the MWI is not working ?


Is my understanding right!


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Did any body find a solution for this?
We are experiencing the same issues. Single Inbox over O365:

User receives message in Outlook. If the read delete the message, MWI is not updated and the message is not removed from their Unity Mailbox.
If the user listen the Voicemail via the voicemail IVR all works fine.

This issue started for shortly after upgrading to 11.5

We have been provided a work around and an update on a fix - 

This is a link to an old issue but does resolve the problem for our affected users. 



A change being tested by MS and is expected in the next few weeks to resolve an issue with how search folders in the users O365 mailbox are created/used by CUC.  I do not know if this will fix all affected users or just prevent future issues from occurring.  

Thanks for this. I managed to get this same response from TAC on third go.

I was given a script which can do it for a list because it is effecting almost all of our migrated accounts.

Is the MS change going to be reported somewhere? Can I monitor it?


Sami Ahmad

Were you find out more about this? I hear the same from a customer, shortly after upgrading to 11.5Su4.

They have about 11,000 users on CUC with users having mailboxes on O365 and on-prem Exchange. The delay is seen only for the O365 users. I am planning to increase number of connections on CUC from the default 4. Anyone else did anything differently?

Hi Sami, 


Contact TAC and they will be able to give you a fix using a Powershell script which will delete the VoiceMessages root folder from EWS.

The above link posted is a good explanantion of what is happening.

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