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ClearOne VH20 Integration


Is anyone out there using a ClearOne VH20 for integration a board room conferencing solution? I would like to be able to control a conference call via the ClearOne device using a Crestron control unit.

Basically, I would like to be able to have more than one phone call come in that can then join a conference call.

We are using UCM 7 and will be upgrading to 8 soon. I can get the ClearOne to register to the UCM but I'm still having audio issues. (Assuming I can get those fixed) I would then like to move towards using the ClearOne to actually manage a conference call.

Any help would be appreciated. Even if the ClearOne isn't the box I should be using, by all means let me know of a box that can do what I'm looking for.



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Did you have any success with the VH20? We have recently teamed w/ a company that deploys audio conferencing room systems and they have recommended this device. I have no experience with this device so I just began researching how well it plays with the CallManager.



Yes, we got the ClearOne working just fine. The configuration wasn't as intuitive as you might expect but once I added the IP of my CM to the Dial Plan page life was good. During the process I did make some very good contacts at ClearOne and their support was excellent. I did also find out that they are going to be releasing a new firmware update that will incorporate many more SIP features like conference control and transfer, etc - making the device much more a part of our overall CM implementation.

Did Clearone ever release a newer firmware to enable the Clearone device to initiate an adhoc conference call using CUCM media resources ?  


I am running into this issue where the clearone works fine for placing / receiving calls, but can't invoke any supplementary features such as CUCM adhoc conference calls.


I was just wondering if anyone had a document on the procedure to get the conference call working through a clearone VH20. From what i'm reading in this forum it is possible but just not sure how to do this


We have 6 Clearone VH 20's and a Cisco Call Manager



Hi Mike,

Was there anything specific about how to get ClearOne registered with CUCM? I am asking because we are trying to implement it as well, CUCM can see the device but rejects to register it.



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