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CM 4.1 / Unity 4.0 to UCMBE 8.0 Migration Options

Hello everyone,

I am in the process of migrating a user from CM 4.1 and Unity 4.0 to UCMBE 8.0

What are some of my options for migrating the data from existing systems to the new Business Edition server?


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As far as I know there is no DMA tool when migrating from CallManager 4 to any version of business edition.  Same goes with the unity version. 

Not sure if you would be able to use COBRAS on the Unity 4.0 system and import into the Unity connection in your business edition.  I don't see a specific tool on referring to this type of migration.

I had to do a migration similiar to yours and we ended up just building from scratch and using BAT to import the phones and voicemail users.  If you are using BE then your deployement must be fairly small.



Thank you Cyril.

You are correct there is no DMA import option and COBRAS refuses to import since it states that it does NOT support CoRes (BE) installations.

I am dealing with about 80 users.

When you used BAT, did you export with BAT from the CM and import into the UCM?

My only issue is stored voicemails, greetings, call handlers and the PIN numbers.

The migration that we did was a Unified Messaging migration so we did not have to worry about the exisiting Voicemails as they were stored in Exchange.  Of course they lost the Unified messaging capability becuase we went to BE 7.x.  They were ok with this because thier legal did not want a copy of the voicemail in their exchange.  Some sort of SOX compliance issue (it was a small trading company).

The Greetings and Recorded names we exported from the old Unity server using the Media master plugin and then imported them back into the BE connection server.  Time comsuming yes.. but we had client's help desk tech do that part (as they wanted to cut down on the cost)

As far as the PIN and Passwords we reset those to a default non-trivial password and forced the end user to change them when they log in for the first time.

Call handlers we re-recreated in Connection (they only had a few so this was quick).

And users we exported to a Spreadsheet and then re-imported using the BAT file.

All-in-All it was a pain in the ....  We had about twice the users you have if I remember correctly.

Sorry for the bad news.



Still having this problem?? I have a customer who has cm 4.1 and unity... and want to migrate a 9.0. In total there are 600 users ( voicemail included) . Ive been reading about 3x3 promotion.. can I use that promotio  to migrate to CMBE6K?? based on the number of users and seeing that I can migrate both unity and cm for $18 sounds pretty good.. Bu tim not sure if I can use it