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CME 10.5 GUI


Hi ,

  I have a CME configured in 4331 router and the cme version is 10.5. To enable GUI, i couldn't see the compatible IOS version for 4331 in the compatibility matrix on below link.

My IOS version is:  isr4300-universalk9.03.16.02.S.155-3.S2-ext.SPA.

Please advise the correct IOS version for 4331 router to enable CME10.5 GUI .



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Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You need GUI files based on your CME version and not as per the IOS. Download the GUI files for CME 10.5 from below link:



  I have the CME 10.5 GUI files.  Cisco is recommends  some IOS releases for CME GUI versions. For example CME10.5, the IOS version  would be 15.4(3)M and 15.4(3)S.




I tried 15.4(3)M  IOS in 2900 series router along with 10.5 GUI file and i am able to access GUI.

But for the 4331 router, i couldn't see such supported IOS versions.

Many IOS releases are available for 10.5 CME .Do i need to install any specific IOS release  which supports CME10.5 GUI ?.



Hello Dijin,

You can check feature navigation with CME 10.5 what IOS version supported with. as CME is packaged with the IOS images.

Filter with CME 10.5 look for ISR4431 IOS feature and supported version too.


Nadeem Ahmed

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Hi Nadeem,

This link is very helpful. 

Thank you.




As per the doc:

For all the IOS above 15.4(3)M and below 15.6(1)T, GUI version will be supported. Starting 15.6(1)T. GUI version will be supported.

So, you can use GUI with your current version and should be able to access the GUI.



 Let me install the GUI and update you.




Im not able to find GUI files from CME 12.0 please help as I need to integrate CUE 8.6.12 with this and I dont think without enabling GUI on CME my CUE will able to integrate with CME.


if any other way to integrate CUE then please let me know



Thank you for the response, but REAMDE.TXT file says this file bundle is for CME 11.7.


I have downloded this before posting my query here and checked in 12.2 as well and it is saying the same thing in readme.txt that it is for CME 11.7.


I have also upgraded these files on CME router and webpage is not loading at all

This would be the correct path to download 12.0 GUI files -

You can integrate it through the CUE CLI but the sync might not work correctly if you are using SCCP phones as well. For SIP, you can not have GUI at all since SIP phones are not supported on GUI and you won't be able to sync the phone information anyways.

Still the suggestion would be to do this through the GUI.

Nipun Singh Raghav
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

hi sir,


            i have ios 15.3 on c2951 and cme 10.0 i need gui files for cme 10.0

can u help me please

Do you have access to CCO ? Have you checked there ?

Nipun Singh Raghav
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

no sir i dont have

You will have to talk to your Accounts team then. Get access with a valid software download contract.

Nipun Singh Raghav
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"
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