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Shams Rishad

CME (ordering) with CUCM (existing) in different locations. What do I need?



There is an existing site (HQ) using CUCM verson 10x + CUBE. We are planning to deploy CME in the branch office. We want the HQ and Branch office to be able to call each other using internal DNs (no ITSP, we will setup tunnel). For making outside calls, both HQ and Branch will have ITSP connections.


To summarize:

1. Branch calling HQ: CME to CUCM

2. Branch calling Outside: ITSP

3. HQ calling Branch: CUCM to CME

4. HQ calling outside: ITSP


Branch user count is 60, so I have selected ISR4331-V/K9 (max 100 users) and 60 units of CP-7811-K9 phones. I have selected the following licenses for CME in the CCW-


1. CME-UL: 60

2. SRST-EP: 60

3. CUBE-T-STD: 5


Do I really need SRST? As branch phones will by default register to the CME, is there any need?

Did I oversubscribe? Or, did I miss anything for the entire thing to work? Please let me know what you think...


Thanks in advance...




Mohammed al Baqari
VIP Advisor

No need for SRST if BR will register directly to CUCM. This should be start
forward deployment.

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Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor

In your case, branch router is acting as CME, so SRST License  is not required.


Cisco Unified SRST provides Cisco Unified CM with fallback support for Cisco Unified IP phones that are attached to a Cisco router on your local network. Cisco Unified SRST enables routers to provide call-handling support for Cisco Unified IP phones when they lose connection to remote primary, secondary, or tertiary Cisco Unified CM installations or when the WAN connection is down.


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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

If you're with a partner, you should be reaching out to pre-sales for ordering assistance.

If you're an end customer, you should be reaching out to a Cisco partner for assistance.



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Hi Jaime

I'm with a partner and actually I am the pre-sales guy. It's only that I happen to order networking and security products more. Collaboration products of Cisco is not that much frequent in our country so I didn't get to hone my skills on this yet. That's why I reached out to the community for whatever help I can get.



Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Cisco pre-sales is the go-to resource for this kind of questions for partners, they can assist with ordering of any product. The community is really meant for technical questions, not sales, particularly considering how PNs/licensing can change over time.



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Totally understandable and I'm not expecting sales answers. I'm merely
asking if this solution works or did I miss any component. I'm expecting
technical answers.

For example, already people have pointed out for this requirement I don't
need SRST.

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