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Code 41 in oriCause_value




Have an issue that code 41 show in oriCause_value on CDR.

Cause code 41 is in oriCause_value (not in destCause_value), I tried to change the new Core Switch because there's an Output drop from the old Core Switch.

But there's still code 41 in oriCause_value on CDR.


There's anyone know how to Tshoot / solving about this code 41 in oriCause_value?



Thanks in advanced

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VoIP Engineer

From what I've read here and here this is likely do to with a physical layer problem.


’41’ => ‘Temporary failure’ – The network is not functioning correctly and that the condition is not likely to last a long period of time; e.g., the user may wish to try another call attempt almost immediately. Typically this means that there is a temporary failure at the physical layer of the network.




whatever network media between "connecting" your device with the SP (ISDN, Fiberoptic, ethernet cable .. etc) it failed and need to be provisioned from the administrator of that network. it could also be being failed from your side.


Hope this helps.

Thank you for the reply


I already know that


Here's the flow of the case:

1) The Incoming call from outside (external) to Internal (Site A).

2) If the agent didn't pick up the call, it will auto-forward to Internal Site B (with Intercluster Trunk).

3) I check the CDR on Site A, there's no code41 in inCause_value and destCause_value, so it's safe.

4) So, when I check the CDR on Site B, there's code41 in inCause_value (after forward from Site A and appeared on Site B).


I already change the Core in Site B (there's have many Output Drops before). After replacing it, it solved without Output Drops again, but still show code41 on CDR in Site B


So, may know how to fix it and there's no code41 again?


Thanks in advanced

Can you clarify the following?


You have two cluster?

What software is the agent using?

What is the ended device to answer the call on the second cluster?

Can you dial the intended device directly from the first cluster?

sample flow of forward.jpg

Call Flow :

1) People from outside (external) call Site B / C.

2) If the agent in Site B / C busy or no answer, it will be forward to site A.


There's no Cause Code 41 in CDR from Site B and C. But there's Code 41 in inCause_value from the CDR in Site A

So, I think no problem with Site B and C, and I think the problem is in Site A when the call goes to site A but not connected to the agent phone site A (Because there is code 41 on CDR Site A).


For the information,
- I use the Trunk Type from Site B to A or Site C to A with SIP Trunk (not Intercluster Trunk).

- In Route Pattern (for calls to other sites), create the associated device with SIP Trunk that I've been created in Device>Trunk, not with RL.


When I check the CDR from Site A (example) :

- Total forward calls from Site B is 763, and got 368  calls data with code41

- Total forward calls from Site C is 1998, and got 14 calls data with code41

From this CDR, I am also confused about why code 41 in Site C is less than B, even though C is more calls. The configuration and settings are the same.



Thanks in advanced

Can you call from an internal phone at site B or C to site A?  Do you have regions involved or CAC of some sort?  If more than one CUCM server exists at any site are you sure the IP on the SIP trunk is setup correctly so that traffic is allowed to the site A CUCM from the other sites?  Do you have any of the CCM logs from the originating site and destination site for the time a call failed?  Can you ping the site A CUCM from your PSTN gateway device? 



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