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CTI Port status unregistered (CUBAC 8.6/CUCM 8.6)

Level 1
Level 1

I recently installed cubac 8.6 by following documentaion. i created CTI port device in cucm and CT devices in cubac server sysnchronized. CT Gateway devices are registered but CTI port status unregistered....where did i miss a step? pls see attached screen shots.

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Jacob Berger
Level 2
Level 2

Try to resync

and post report here

if no good

try to recreate template cti port ,delete synced cti ports and resync

Level 3
Level 3

It looks like your CTI Ports are registered from looking at your screenshot?

The only one not regisered is the one named CTI-Port which by the looks of thing is the device you are using as your template device.

Unless you have the DN of that device as part of the device configuration in the Web Admin it will not register.

My devices are all registered now, i think it was an issue of IPv6 in common device configuration. thank you very much for your input.

one more issue is BLF. i am using extension mobility and my phones status always looks busy/red. how do i solve this problem?