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CUCM 10.5 Call Search Space Issue

Here is the issue when I make a call from ext 1000 to ext 1100 I am getting a reorder tone. I can see the call make it to the CTI port 1100 but for some reason it is not using the CSS built on the CTI port to allow the call to tbe sent to UCCX to play a message. If I put the BTC_UCCX_PT in the phones CSS WCT_CSS and make the call; the call works every time.  To verify this I removed the CSS from the CTI port all together and make the call and it still worked. If I remove the BTC_UCCX_PT from the phones WCT_CSS I get a reorder tone again. We are migrating from CUCM 8.0 to CUCM 10.5 and this setup worked in CUCM 8.0. So did something change in CUCM 10.5 or is this a bug that I have found in this rls. I put in a TAC case but that was not very helpful they just told me to put the BTC_UCCX_PT in all of the CSS on the system now but I have a ton of CSS and I feel if this is a bug it needs to be corrected.


I have a phone with Ext 1000 built in the TUL_Region_PT and with a CSS of WCT_CSS. The WCT_CSS has one partition in it call TUL_Region_PT so that is can call other phones with the same PT.

I built a CTI port from UCCX 10.5 with the Ext 1100 in the TUL_Region_PT with a CSS of UCCX_CSS. The UCCX_CSS has a partition of BTC_UCCX_PT.

In the UCCX system I have 100 Jtapi ports built with a PT of BTC_UCCX_PT and a CSS of UCCX_CSS.



Your explanation is a little confusing.

Can you spell out simply what can dial what?

E.g. 1000/TUL_Region_PT cannot dial 1100/TUL_Region_PT

1000 is assigned WCT_CSS that contains TUL_Region_PT.

I'm not clear where the BTC_UCCX_PT comes into it?


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That's expected and working as designed; CTI ports' partition (i.e. "BTC_UCCX_PT") must be added to IP phone's (originating party) CSS. CUCM JTAPI Client which is installed in UCCX controls which CSS to use.

A JTAPI application can explicitly specify the Calling Search Space (CSS) of a Redirect using any one of the following three values.
This indicates that the redirect should be done using the search space of the redirect controller's address.
This indicates that the redirect should be done using the search space of the calling address.
This indicates that the redirect should be done using the search space that is the default for the implementation. The default is to use the calling address's search space. Otherwise, the application can leave the CSS parameter of the Redirect to a null value which will also result in CUCM using the original calling device's CSS.

For more detail, refer to CSCso91760


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There is a way around this.  You have to change the Trigger in UCCX.  Under Applications, go into the application you wish to change and click on the trigger.  Once in the trigger click on show more and change the calling search space for redirect from default to the one needed.  By default CUCM uses the originating device's calling search space for redirect and this changes this behavior so you do not need to add any additional partitions to any other device CSS if you do not wish to.


Calling Search Space for Redirect

By default, Cisco Unified Communications Manager uses the original calling party's calling search space (CSS) to process the redirected call from a Unified CCX Trigger to a Unified CCX CTI Port. This default behavior requires the partition of the Unified CCX CTI ports to be a member of the original calling party's CSS even if the partition of the CTI Route Point/Unified CCX Trigger is accessible to the calling device's CSS and the CSS of the CTI Route Point/Unified CCX Trigger contains the partition of the Unified CCX CTI Ports.

You can modify this behavior using the drop-down list to instruct Cisco Unified Communications Manager which CSS to use when redirecting the call from the CTI Route Point to the CTI Port.

Calling Search Space for Redirect options:

  • Default Calling Search Space—CSS of the calling device


  • Calling Address Search Space—CSS of the calling device


  • Route Point Address Search Space—CSS of the CTI Route Point (Trigger)

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