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CUCM 11.5 RDP cell phone voicemail


Hey all, I have a user that is wanting their voicemails to be picked up on their cell phone instead of their desk phone. Is there a way to make this function with 100% consistency? Currently each user with a work provided cell phone has a RD profile setup with SNR enabled, it will of course ring both their cell phone and desk phone at roughly the same time. But currently it will dump a voicemail on their desk phones. Unless of course their cell phone is placed into airplane mode, in which case the user will be routed to the cell phone voicemail. 

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You will need to play with the timers for the RDP to get that behavior, if the timer for the user's phone line to send a call to VM is shorter than the time it takes the mobile's VM to pickup, you would also need to adjust those timers.



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I did mess with the timing but could never find a sweet spot. No matter what timing adjustments I made it would always leave the VM on the Cisco side instead of the cell phone. I ended up forwarding all traffic to the cell phone and releasing the call from the desk phone, thus always forcing the VM to the cell phone. 

Then why don't you just disable the VM on the Cisco phone?
If it's not needed on the Cisco phone, why keep it enabled?

I tried that but oddly enough it would throw the call into our general que instead of sending it to the cell phone voicemail.

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