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CUCM 7. How to display caller names?

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We've been using CUCM for some time now, and it's far better than our old PBX system in so many ways, however it fall flat on it's face when it comes to one thing; Caller ID matching to Caller name. On our old PBX, any contacts that were added to the main speed dials were displayed when they called in from that number, i.e. We entered Joe Bloggs with a number 0123456, and when Joe calls from that number, it appeared on the phone as "Joe Bloggs" instead of what we face now, which is "0123456"

Is there any way to achieve this caller name ID in CUCM? I'm not ruling out a CTI app that pops up the name on the user's PC if that's possible?

Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks


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Aaron Harrison
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VIP Alumni


It's not really possible to look up against the CCM end user directory, as it's not even used for internal extensions - the calling name is populated from the DN configuration (alerting/display).

CUPC can do reverse lookups against LDAP and runs on your PC, but requires a Presence cluster to go with your CCM

CUCiMOC can do similar things if you have OCS deployed in your organisation

Otherwise if you really need it on the phone try; another contributor on these forums has some TCL scripts you can run on your gateways to get this functionality.



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Aaron, thanks for your reply, I'll take a look into Presence cluster to see what it can do for me.



I can only note about "Presence cluster", why speding $8,500 for something that can be resolved with $85?

Also, a 100% correct and helpful reply like Aaron's above deserves better than just "3". My rating, a "5" of course.

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Hi Paolo,

My response was based on what my email said this morning.

Just replied to your email