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CUCM 8 Back Up Failed

Hello everyone!

Recently when performing backup on CUCM 8 it goes to 69% and then stops. On status windows I see:


Log file says:

Server        : CUCS8

Feature       : CCM

Component     : REPORTER

Time Completed: 2012-11-27-02-56-09

Result Code   : 3-Backup failed

Result String : ERROR


2012/11/27 02:56: du -sckL /var/log/active/cm/report/rtmtreporter | grep total | awk '{print $1}'

2012/11/27 02:56: Free space on /common/drf = 27516600 KB, required space on /var/log/active/cm/report/rtmtreporter = 9536 KB

2012/11/27 02:56: Ready for backup


















tar: -: Wrote only 8192 of 10240 bytes

tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

2012/11/27 02:56: Backup failed.

----> BEGIN Standard Output

----> END Standard Output

----> BEGIN Standard Error

error writing output file

----> END Standard Error

What can cause this error?

Thank you in advance!

Harmit Singh
Cisco Employee

Hi fgasimzade,

I had a few questions before we can figure out what's wrong:

++     What is the exact version of CUCM you are running?
++     How many UCM nodes in your cluster?

++     Has this worked before? If yes, were there any changes made after which it stopped working?

++     I'm assuming the backup device you have configured is a network directory. Is the FTP/SFTP across the WAN or on the same LAN as the UCM cluster?

++     Can you please replicate the issue and gather the following logs (debug level):

1>     Cisco DRF Master -- From the Publisher

2>     Cisco DRF Local -- From the Publisher and Subscriber(s)

I will review the same and get back to you.



1. System version:

2. Just 1 Node

3. Never noticed that, unfortunatelly

4. The same LAN, just different VLAN

5. How can I get debug logs?

Hi fgasimzade,

Here are a few links which explain this:

1>     Navigate to "Cisco Unified Serviceability" in the top right hand corner of the UCM GUI and click go.

2>     Go to Trace --> Configuration --> Select the Server (Only option should be publisher since it is a standalone server) --> Select Service Group as "Backup and Restore Services" --> Select the services and change the "Debug Trace Level" to "Debug" and save it.

3>     Try to take a backup.

4>     Collect the logs using RTMT for the failed backup attempt and upload them here.




where in RTMT I can see debugs?

I believe its named "Trace & log central" or similar to that. From there you select Collect files.

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You need to download the traces from RTMT from the following location:

1>     Once you log into RTMT, go to System --> Tools --> Trace --> Trace & Log Central.

2>     Double click on "Collect Files" --> Click on Next for the pop-up window for "Select UCM Services/Applications" --> On the "Select System Services/Applications", select Cisco DRF Local and Cisco DRF Master and click Next.

3>     That brings you to the last page before RTMT starts gathering the logs. Refer to the link I provided earlier:

Once you have the logs downloaded, upload them here so I can take a look.



It is the correct debug file?

Ok I have collected them, looks like 2 zip files, it is what I need?

No. Please follow my instructions and you will pull the right set of traces.



It is correct?

Ok I see one file each of DRF Mater and DRF Local for the Publisher. What time did you attempt the backup last? Also, you had set the trace level to debug before attempting to backup, correct? Again, want to confirm, this is a standalone server (Publisher only)? What is the IP address of the Publisher and of the SFTP server?



Today, a couple of hours before.

Yes, it debug, i have just checked

Publisher only - publisher - sftp server


Could you please give me a timestamp for the backup attempt so I know it's covered in the traces?

You can even go to the Disaster Recovery System GUI page and go to Backup History to get this info. Please copy and paste the info from there.



It should be

2012-11-27-04-43-02.tarNETWORKTue Nov 27 04:43:34 GMT-04:00 2012ERRORMANUALCCM
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