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CUCM and UCCX : Disk partition Swap is nearly full. Usage is 92%

Hi All,


We are on CUCM 12.5 and CCX 12.5, from time too time we get the swap disk partition going over 90% and gets stuck there.

Currently we resolve the issue by rebooting the affected server.

I have been reading up since the customer started asking questions on why the restarts from time too time and all I can see is either to open a TAC case to on/off the swap via root account or by rebooting the server,

Is there no other fix for this issue yet? It is something coming from CUCM 6.0 when CUCM moved from windows to linux and we still have no other way of clearing the swap partition?

Can one restart tomcat services or something rather than rebooting the server? In RTMT there is not really and process spiking or using the CPU when this happens.

So basically we are stuck with either change control and a reboot or a TAC case which is wasting TAC's time and our time? 

Best Regards
Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Advisor

Have a look on below thread



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I have read that before posting, my question is because we have monitoring and an alert gets generated every time this goes over 90% and is logged in the ticketing system, the client has a view of this. Thus the question, I know it is not a real big problem, but do we have a different way to release the swap "memory" without rebooting or using TAC to get the value below 90% if it gets stuck there for a long period, I know it comes down after a while but we have had cases where it stays at 98% and won't come down until we reboot the server.

No CLI command we can run without root privileges to clear the swap partition?

Best Regards
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